ALERT:  Flag Football will be played on 2/24; should the weather turn bad any cancellations will be made by the head referee at the field.
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RULES UPDATE  6/30/2027

There were a couple rules modified after the first season, but were not updated on the website.   But they are were what was used by referees and players since them.   These have now been updated below; here is a list:

1.  Games are comprised of as many frames where points are accumulated; a team is awarded a win when one team accumulates 10 or more points

2.  Regular season – last game of the night:  if one team has 4 or more points it’s an official game.  If neither team has 4 or more points both teams are awarded a tie

3.  In the playoffs teams will play a best of 3 frames match to advance; 3rd frame only played if first two frames are split



  • The referees, at their discretion, can remove a player from the game if they feel the player presents a safety concern to themselves, other players, referees, or anyone else.
  • If you have a concern about safety, please bring it to the referee's attention and they will determine if the player should be removed from play until they correct the safety concern.
  • Once the player has resolved the safety concern to the referee's satisfaction, they can return to playing.
  • Safety concerns include but are not limited to
    • A player who has blood on themselves or their clothing
    • A player who has an unbandaged open wound
    • A player playing with broken or improper equipment


  • 7 week regular season PLUS playoffs
  • Regular season teams play as many games to 16 points as they can complete within 50 minutes
    • The last games of the night will count only if the combined scores from both teams is >= 11.
  • Teams that won or lost over 75% of their games the previous season may be moved up or down a skill level
  • Subs - are strongly discouraged but effective 1 Oct 2016 subs will conditionally be allowed.  Following are the conditions:
    (1) Subs must arrive and speak to BSR staff at least 5 minutes before game published start time.  Subs will not be allowed after less than 5 minutes before game time.
    (2) Subs will need to wear an appropriate tshirt (see the league tshirt policy in the FAQ)  Subs wearing a non qualifying shirt will not be allowed to participate
    (3) Subs will need to complete a Sub waiver form, BSR staff will have that form at the field
    (4) Subs will need to pay a $5 cash participation fee after signing the waiver and before playing.   Pay to the BSR staff that provided the waiver to be signed.  Bring exact $, we will be unable to break larger bills.  (1 $5 bill or 5 $1 bills, no change)
    (5) Subs will be expected to follow all league rules; we recommend subs review league rules before participating
    (6) Subs are NOT allowed to participate in end of season tournaments
    (7) Subs may not sub for more than one team for a given sports season
    (8) Subs may not sub more than two nights in any given sports season
    (9) Subs must complete a waiver and pay the sub participation fee each time they sub
  • Teams caught with illegal players or subs will lose all match games for that night
    • A second offense will result in the team being excluded from the playoffs


    • There is no maximum number of players allowed on a team’s roster
    • The minimum number of players is 6
    • Players who register as free agents may be added to teams (captains will be notified first)
    • Additional players can be added to the roster anytime thru the start of the 3rd week of the season
    • Captains are responsible for the conduct of everyone on their teams, ensuring all players are legal and conform to league play standards


    • All players must be listed on the roster and have signed the Be Social Richmond waiver for that league and season to participate
    • Players must be 21 years old at the start of the season
    • Players can only play for one team
    • Players are required to wear the league t-shirt during games
      • See the website FAQ section for what options you have if you do not have your league t-shirt for any reason
      • See the website FAQ section for t-shirt alteration rules
    • All players are expected to play with good sportsman-like conduct; after all this is a social league!
    • All players are expected to respect their own team, their opponents, and the ref(s)

    Players at the pit:

    • Each game, teams field up to 4 players to play a game of bocce
      • Minimum one player from each gender must play each round
    • Players arriving late may only join at the start of a game
    • If a teams opponent is not able to field a legal team at the scheudled start time that team will be awarded a win every 5 minutes after the scheduled start time until the other team is there are ready to play (max 8 wins)
      • If team forfeits, it's opponent will be awarded 1 win after 15 minutes and a 2nd win after 30 mintues.   Max wins resulting in 6 points.
      • If both teams forfeit neither team will be awarded any wins

    Playoff eligibility:

    • Teams with one or more forfeits during the regular season will be excluded from the playoffs
    • Teams caught using players that are not on their roster or whom were not signed up as legal subs will be excluded from the playoffs

    Equipment provided:

    • Bocce balls, tape measures, and score sheets
      • Pallina ball = little white ball initially tossed to start the game and the object all other balls are rolled to
      • Colored balls = each team will be provided 4 balls of a single color

    Nightly game vs the other team:

    • Nightly teams will play as many games vs an opponent as they can in 50 minutes
    • Team captains can choose to either negotiate which team tosses the pallina first (or flip a coin)
      • In the playoffs the team with the higher seed gets their choice
    • Each game, alternate which team tosses the pallina
    • Each game, alternate which end the pallina is tossed from


    Game play and pit:

    • One frame consists of the pallina and all 8 balls being thrown
    • The object of the game is to get as many of your team’s balls closer to the pallina than the other team
    • Only one team can score per frame
      • If the closest ball from both teams is the same distance from the pallina than no team will score any points that frame

    Example: if at the end of a frame there are 3 balls for team A closer to the pallina than the closest ball for team B, then Team A receives 3 points.  A maximum of 4 points are possible per frame.

    • Games are comprised of as many frames where points are accumulated; a team is awarded a win when one team accumulates 10 or more points
    • Regular season – last game of the night:  if one team has 4 or more points it’s an official game.  If neither team has 4 or more points both teams are awarded a tie 
    • The game starts with the pallina being tossed; it must land between the halfway point and two paces from the end line of the playing field
    • Game play starts – teams alternate throwing 1 ball at a time
      • The same player who threw the pallina then throws one of their team's balls
      • Then a player on the opposing team throws one of theirs

          Alternate throws to ensure as many players as possible participate each frame

    • League standings are based on winning percentage


    Dead Balls & Fouls

    • Any ball that leaves the field of play is considered dead

    • Any ball hit by the dead ball is to remain in its new location

    • If the first team fails to throw the pallina between the half-court line and the back foul line in 2 consecutive attempts per frame, the other team gets to throw the pallina

    • If a ball is knocked out of bounds it is considered dead

    • If the pallina is hit out of the court during play, that round is dead. (game is still in progress) No points are awarded that round.  All balls are moved to other end of court to begin next round of same game.

    Regular Season vs Playoffs

    • During the regular season, all that matters is how many games your team won, tied, and lost that night
    • During the playoffs: wins
    • In the playoffs teams will play a best of 3 frames match to advance; 3rd frame only played if first two frames are split


    • The ref is there to facilitate the games, settle any measurement disputes, take down score results for teams at the end of game play, and consult on any rules questions

    Bocce is a social activity.   If during the regular season two teams can agree tweaking a rule would increase their enjoyment they may.   And if you do consider emailing what you did to   We may want to add that to our league rules.
    Example: the minimum is two players; one of each gender to play.   If a team is only able to field 2 players one week both from the same gender the other team can choose to allow that team to play with just those two people as opposed to taking a forefeit.   (and we would like to encourage this type of action)

    All ref decisions are final. (team captains may email to protest)

    All rules are subject to change when and as needed by BSR staff