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06/16/2019 - Dodgeball - 2019-06-16 benefiting the Alzheimer's Association (CoEd)

Tournment Info  

WHEN  -  Sunday June 16th   Team check-in starting at 1:30pm; tournament starts at 2pm

WHERE  -  U-turn Sports Performance Academy

WHY  -  100% of net proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association

COST  -  $150 for a team of 8 or more players  (+$30 late)

              All players participating in the tournament must register on the website

              Captains register first and pay for the team

              Players then use a registration link provided by the team captain


All teams get a minimum of 4 matches or 8 total games


Exact format will be determined day of based on the number of teams registered

Likely format:  3 or more round robin games to determine seeding followed by a single elimination tournament (best 2 of 3 to advance)


What to expect the day of

  • 1:30pm  to 1:55pm team check-in and practice
  • 2:00pm the tournament will begin
  • Once all games are completed prizes will be awarded and raffles drawn


Prizes:  (keep in mind this is a charity tournament)

1st place team each player receives 3 extra raffle tickets

2nd place team each player receives 1 extra raffle ticket

Raffling prizes:  each team will receive eight raffle tickets.  After the event we will raffle off prizes from sponsors.  Prizes can include gift cards/certificates, discount coupon codes for future BSR events, and/or tangible items like shirts, hats, maybe even corrnhole boards.  NOTE: players must be present at the time of the drawing to receive raffled prizes.

Prizes provided by sponsors:
- Garden Grove Brewery
- Mexico restaurant
- The Circuit Arcade Bar
- Dave & Busters
- World of Beer
- Another Round Bar
- Hurley's Tavern
- Pam Davis - Long & Fosters
- Padow's Ham's & Deli
- Kickback Jacks
- Capital Ale House
- The Beach House
- Be Social Richmond

Tournment Rules  

Each game teams can start up to 8 players per side.  (max 6 guys, no minimums)


  • Games begin with each team holding 3 dodgeballs
  • When the referee blows the whistle to start layers come out throwing
  • The game is won when the opponent has no more active players on the court

Honor calling - While referees will be watching the game it is expected that players will honor call themselves out.  Repeated or gross violations can result in additional players from that team also being called out.  Example:  Player A on team A clearly has a ball hit off their leg and does not leave, the referee may blow the whistle to call them out and asses a 2nd player being called out as a result of the clear attempt to cheat.  This rules is there as a deterrent and will be called by referees at their discretion.

NO HEAD SHOTS – hit someone in the head and they are not out, you are.  Unless that person’s head was below their standing head height.  Example: bending down to pick up a ball

  • Repeated infractions can result in a player being tossed out of the tournament

Live ball & dead ball

  • Any ball that leaves a players hand is live until it comes in contact with something else
  • If a live ball hits a player and that player does not catch that ball the player is out; the ball must be caught before it touches anything else
  • If a live ball is caught the player throwing that ball is out
  • If a live ball hits anything else before hitting a player it becomes dead (walls, ceiling, other balls, the floor, or other players)
  • Any ball held for more than 10 seconds will be whistled a dead ball and must be rolled towards the center of the opponent’s court

Game boundaries  (each court may have unique rules, inquire with referees before games begin)

  • Players must stay in bounds or they will be out; unless directed by a referee
  • Any part of a player that touches ground over the center line or across the side & back line will be out; unless directed by a referee

Stalling - If gameplay slows down referees will begin counting 3-2-1-0.  If a referee gets to zero the game will be stopped and the balls evenly distributed to both teams before play is resumed.

Other rules

  • Players may block a ball with another ball
  • If a player has a ball knocked out of their hand they are out; this often occurs while trying to block a ball with a ball


Be Social Richmond reserves the right to make any rule or tournament structural changes at any time as needed.