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09/17/2022 - Sand Volleyball (quads) - @TCRC StandardCoed

Tournment Info  

Coed standard quads sand volleyball tournament


Saturday September 17th  (makeup* 9/24)

                Gates open at 9:30am

                Team check-in 9:45 to 10am

                Tournament start ~10:15am


Cost = $100 per team ($125 late)


Random draw at 10am day of for first match assignments


A single elimination match tournament where all teams who lose their first match played will be entered in a consolation “best of the rest” single game, rally scoring to 25pts, elimination tournament


Each tournament match will consist of a best of 3 games played to 21pts; rally scoring, win by 2, capped at 27pts

    Note:  only 2 games are played if the same team wins the first two games


Only registered team members will be eligible to receive prizes**


Games are self ref; replay any disputes.


No pets or glass  (TCRC rules)


* For weather updates check the yellow status bar on the BSR website

     Every attempt will be made to play on the initial tournament date; games will play rain or shine

** Prize amount based on the number of teams when open registration closes; can include cash, gift cards, BSR credits.

Tournment Rules  

SVB Quads tournament rules as of 8/17/2022

No player may play for more than one team


Check to see if the tournament is "reverse" or "standard"

  • Coed standard quads teams may field up to 4 players on the court of which max 2 can be men
    and is played on a mens heigh net
  • Coed reverse quads teams may field up to 4 players on the court of which max 2 each men and women
    and is played on a womens height net


Unless otherwise explicitly listed below standard social volleyball rules will be used: 
        (if you have a question ask before the tournament starts)

  • Games start when team captains rock/paper/scissors; winner selecting serve, receive, or side for the first and if needed 3rd game; 2nd games it flips
  • After matches complete captains report the game results to the tournament director
  • Don’t argue; just reply any disputes
  • Serve from behind the line calling out the score before you serve
  • No attacking the serve  (penalty = loss of point)
  • No touching the top of the net  (penalty = loss of point)
  • No open hand lifts/carries  (penalty = loss of point)
  • No open hand dinks  (penalty = loss of point)
  • Doubles on sets will not be called
  • Open hand receives of the serve are allowed
  • Players may go under the net and return to their side as long as they do not touch a player from the other team; if they do it’s a loss of point
  • No “girl rule” will be in effect; teams will keep their women involved if they want them to keep playing with them
  • Players may stand and rotate on the court as they see fit
  • Teams must maintain the same serving order; failure to do so results in loss of point

  • For a hit to be valid players must have at least one foot in the court
  • If a ball goes in a court from another court stop playing immediately and reply


What is Reverse quads?   In this version of the game played on a womens heigh net, a line will be drawn in the sand on both sides of the net 10 feet from the net.  Male players may not block or jump from in front of the 10ft line, if they do it’s a foul and loss of point.  Men may jump from behind the line and land in front of it.


If you have any questions please ask before the tournament starts by emailing us at


BSR reserves the right to change rules or tournament structure as needed