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Laser Tag League Rules

Last updated:  2022 July

    Updated Rules:

  • 2 Dec 2022 - BSR policy on league tshirts has been updated
 - BSR conditionally allows subs to play; if your team needs a sub one night be sure to read rules below in the rules      



Laser Tag a game that pits one group vs another for a period of time to shoot other players, their guns, and their base to accumulate points.  The groups may consist of one team working independently or combined with one or more other teams to allow for a greater variety of game scenarios to be played.  You won't believe what a workout laser tag is; PRO TIP: work on your cardio. 


Participating players

  • Each team must have at least 1 player in the game at a time; players arriving late will NOT be able to join a game in progress.

  • If your team wants to substitute a player, follow the rules outlined in the 'subs' section of the FAQ  (FAQ - League Information - Are subs allowed?).
    • Subs may also be required to pay addititional fees to praticipate; verify each season with BSR staff.  (Please ask ahead of time) 


  • You can have as many players as you want on your roster, but the minimum number of players is 4; BSR recommends 5.  (you'll want to make sure you have 4 each week)
  • Additional players, including players who register as free agents, can be added to the roster anytime until the third week of the season.
  • Captains are responsible for the conduct of teams. This means they’ll need to make sure all players are legal and conform to league play standards.
  • Teams caught with illegal players or subs will lose all games for that night.
    • If this happens twice, that team will be excluded from the playoffs.
  • All players must meet league player requirements. (FAQ - League Information - Player Requirements)
  • All players must wear their league tshirts to participate when league tshirts are provided. (FAQ - League Information - What if I paid late and have not received a league tshirt or forget my league tshirt one night?)
  • From time to time for various reasons players may become upset and curse, complain, and more.  When this occurs, our staff will respond and take actions from issuing a warning, to taking a time out, up to ejecting a player form the game.  For more info reference our FAQ. (FAQ - League Information - Ejections)
  • Team captains can request the referee for a roster check on thier opponents.  The roster check must be requested before the game begins.  Exception: a player who showed up and joined in after the game began, in this case the team captain needs to request the check when that new player first enters the game.




















When playing





Equipment & Field Setup

  • All equipment will be provided at the game location by the game location

League Scoring, Standings, and Seeding

  Regular season

  • Each regular season will last 6 weeks followed by one week to determine that seasons Laser Tag campion.
  • During the regular season, teams will play 2 (10 minute) games 
  • Game wins & points = each season will post details at the bottom of the season schedule allowing league design flexibility designed on the number of teams, nights, etc.. that season


  • All teams make the playoffs, but if a team has multiple forfeits or is caught using players that are not on the roster, that team may be excluded from playoffs.
  • Playoff brackets are customized each season


Week 1  (or the first week your team plays)     *** be prepared to show up to 30 minutes early for instruction ***

Game Rules

  • BE PROMPT - expect that games will start exactly when posted on the schedule on our website.   If your late you will miss out.   ARRIVE EARLY!
  • Before each game, staff at the game location will explain the rules for the upcoming game
    • During the regular season it's likely each night your team will play one game individuall vs one or more teams and a second where your team may be combinded with one or more teams vs another group of teams
  • Players must adhere to all rules posted at the game location or verbally given by game location staff   (both game location staff and BSR staff can enforce)
    • Example:   Posted rule "No Running"


All rules are subject to change when and as needed by BSR staff.