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Sand Volleyball 6’s League Rules

Last updated:  2018 April

    Updated Rules:

  • The rules format was updated
 - BSR conditionally allows subs to play; if your team needs a sub one night we recommend captains check the Facebook group Sand Volleyball RVA    Post a message there that your looking for a sub.  It's also a good place to go to recruit players for your team.  



The focus of the league is to have fun. Teams are encouraged to help each other and make games as enjoyable as possible.


Participating Players

  • Teams must have at least 2 players before a game can begin (at least 1 player must be female).
    • Teams may start with 2-6 players on the court.
    • Of the players on the court, at least 1 player must be female.
    • Teams may choose how to rotate additional players beyond 6 in during games (they just need to do that rotation in a consistent manner).
  • Players are only able to legally hit the ball as long as they have at least 1 foot in their court.



  • You can have as many players as you want on a roster, but the minimum number of players is 7
    • We recommend having a team size of 8.
    • Players who register as free agents may be added to teams with rosters smaller than 8 players (captains will be notified first).
  • Additional players, including players who register as free agents, can be added to the roster anytime until the third week of the season.
  • Teams can be etiher coed for all female with at last one woman playing at all times.





















When playing






Equipment & Field Setup

  • All equipment will be provided by Be Social Richmond.
    • Sand volleyballs
    • Sand volleyball court setup with net and lines


League Scoring, Standings, Seeding

Regular Season and Overtime

  • Teams three games each regular season week
  • Games should not end in ties


  • Teams with 1+ forfeit during the regular season will be excluded from the playoffs.
  • Teams caught using players that are not on their roster or who were not signed up as legal subs will be excluded from the playoffs.
  • Seeding details this multi-game per night sport can be found in the FAQ (FAQ - League Information - How are standings calculated for the regular season?)
  • The single elimination match format will be unique to each season.


Game Rules


Nightly Games

  • Teams will play 3 games vs. another team.
  • The home team will have the choice of serve or side.
  • Teams alternate serve/side each game.
  • Games are played using rally scoring (meaning a point is awarded every serve).
  • Games are played to 21 points
  • Teams will score their games, make their own calls, and report final results to BSR staff.
  • Each team needs to clearly call out the score before serving to insure both teams know and agree.
    • In playoffs teams with the better records get the choice.
    • Win by 2
    • Max 27 point

Game Play

  • Players may stand where they choose (no on court rotation is required).
  • Although player on court rotation is not required, teams must set a serving rotation of their players in the game and maintain that rotation for the game.
  • Standard indoor rules will be used.
    • Teams can set the serve.
    • Doubles on sets will be called if the ball has excessive rotation.
    • Gender Play Rule: if a ball is hit 1+ time(s) on a side, a girl must touch the ball at least 1 of the times before it goes back over the net.



Rules are subject to change when and as needed by BSR staff.